Friday, August 2, 2013

Quick Eats: Sushi Dragon- Vancouver, BC

It's true what they say about food in Vancouver. It's cheaper to eat out most days than to cook for yourself. Groceries can cost a fortune, while things like sushi can cost only $5-7/meal; the food can also last you multiple meals. I had some pretty good sushi at Sushi Bang (and for a really good price, but more on that later), so I decided to try another sushi place called Sushi Dragon.

I was actually pretty excited for my meal as I do love sushi. Sushi Dragon had a special combo featuring a miso soup, 8 pieces of California rolls and 8 pieces of Dynamite roll.

For those who do not know, a California roll usually consists of crab meat (fake), avocado and cucumber. A pretty bland/standard kind of sushi that usually people who are not as adventurous like to eat. The Dynamite roll consists also of avocado, but has tempura shrimp. They can also have other various vegetables.

Dynamite Roll (top) and Califonia Roll (bottom)

As I said, I was very excited. My excitement quickly turned into disappointment. The sushi was definitely not that tasty. There was a decent amount of sushi for $7.30 (including tax) but I was just not impressed with the quality of the sushi. The sushi had a one note taste, which I got bored of quickly. There was definitely not enough flavors in both rolls. However, I was surprised with the miso soup; it was actually quite tasty.

The service was fast and friendly but I could easily see why the restaurant was mainly empty during prime dinner time. I do not think I will be back to Sushi Dragon to try their other dishes as I'd rather go to Sushi Bang, even though it's slightly more expensive. But for $3, it's well worth it.

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