Quick Eats

Quick Eats!

Welcome to our new section "Quick Eats!" which will feature quick stops on our culinary adventures. This section will feature food trucks, food festivals, media tasting events, or restaurants we have simply not had the chance to fully experience. There will be NO ratings given to any restaurants featured in this section. As always, we hope you enjoy!
All Eric Can Eat Team

Calgary, AB
Wa's Japanese

Edmonton, AB
Numchok Wilai
Smokehouse BBQ Food Truck

Toronto, ON
Banh Mi Boys
Brassaii Restaurant & Lounge | SodaStream Launch Party
Say Cheese
Slurp! Noodlefest v2.0 | The Gabardine, Kinton Ramen, Nota Bene and Seoul Food Co.

Vancouver, BC
Sushi Dragon
La Taqueria

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