Friday, February 15, 2013

Wing Chicx Kal Bi Que - Edmonton, AB

After an exhausting week at work, my friend and I decided to unwind at one of Edmonton's newer Korean restaurants, Wing Chicx Kal Bi Que. We initially drove right past the restaurant, as it's hidden within a strip mall away from the main road. Were it not for the roadside sign out front, I doubt we would have found it at all. 
From the outside, Wing Chicx has an unassuming appearance, but the interior is bright and decorated with the colors of the Korean flag. We were quickly greeted and seated at one of the last empty tables. Around us, we could hear conversations in Korean, which we took as a good sign.
Korean Congee
We were brought steaming hot green tea while we perused the menu. Given the name of the restaurant, of course we had to try the chicken! There were several options available: wings, breast, half chicken, or whole chicken, with your choice of sauce coated or plain fried. We chose the half chicken with sauce and also ordered a seafood pancake and bibimbap.
Assorted sides: daikon, bean sprouts, green salad, and kimchee
To our surprise we were brought complimentary bowls of congee, which neither of us had ever seen at a Korean restaurant. Unfortunately, it was lukewarm and tasted very strongly of artificial flavoring. Soon after, the waitress brought the rest of the complimentary sides: kimchee, daikon in spicy sauce, green salad, and bean sprouts.

Seafood Pan Fried Pancake: A mix of seafood with carrots and green onion
First to the table was the seafood pancake, steaming hot. It was deliciously crispy and light, loaded with seafood including octopus, shrimp, and mussels, and accompanied by a soy based dipping sauce. The chicken soon followed, and we were equally impressed. It was simultaneously hot, crispy, spicy, and sweet, without the greasy feel that American fried chicken often has. Pickled daikon accompanied the chicken, providing a fresh contrast.
Fried Chicken
The letdown of the night was the bibimbap. I was disappointed when it came out in a regular bowl, as I love stone dolsot bibimbap. Although it looked beautiful, the rice was lukewarm and lacking in flavor.

Bi Bim Bap
Service was friendly throughout, though it was difficult to communicate at times. We also felt rushed toward the end of our meal, as the waitress began clearing our plates before we were finished eating. Overall, though, the food was excellent and we had a great experience. We will definitely be back in the future.

Pick of the Night: Fried chicken

Check out their menu here:


4/5 Erics

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  1. It's "you're". good try though.

  2. This is my favorite Korean restaurant. I've been introducing new people to it every chance I get. You have to try the spicy chicken on the first page of the menu. Item 2D. It's a hit, everytime!