Friday, February 15, 2013

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine (Take Out on a Budget)- Edmonton, AB

Being an avid lover of the Japanese culture and cuisine, I need to have my go to place when I need my sushi fix. I have come to the conclusion that Kyoto Japanese Cuisine is one of the better places to go for not only the quality of sushi, but the price isn't bad as well. Whether it's take out or dine in, Kyoto always provides reliable and consistent food. When tired from work, my companion and I like to get our sushi to go so we can have a relaxing night at home while still "eating out". Most often we like to order two to three maki rolls and that is able to satisfy two mouths. Being a student, I usually go for the rolls I know will give me the biggest bang for my buck.

At Kyoto, we've established a routine of ordering a few of our favorite rolls. One is the Momiji maki roll ($8.50), with cold smoked salmon surrounding an inner filling of tamago (Japanese egg omelette). I typically dislike both tamago and smoked salmon sushi on their own, but together they combine to create a tasty and different roll.
Rainbow (right) roll & Momiji (left) roll
Another go-to choice is the Tsunami roll: slices of salmon and eel on top of tempura shrimp maki and covered with tempura bits and black fish caviar. This roll is delicious to say the least. The crispy tempura bits add a nice crunchy texture and the combination of fried shrimp and raw salmon/eel gives you the best of both worlds. At $9.50, it is definitely worth the price.

Tsunami roll
Sometimes, we like to be crazy and order rolls outside of our usual. I know what you are thinking; we are daredevils! Law breakers even! This time we decided to try the Spider roll. Spider rolls are one of my favorite rolls at Japanese restaurants. The spider roll is a battered deep fried soft shell crab with avocado. I was somewhat disappointed with the spider roll from Kyoto as it only came with 4 pieces; although larger than the normal maki pieces, it was not worth the price of $8.50. The soft shell crab was so crispy and full of flavor that it was a nice treat to have.

Spider roll: deep fried soft shell crab with avocado 

Kyoto has a few locations in Edmonton, but for those students who live near the University, the one on 109th is a gem and by the amount of customers they always have, I can tell it's no secret. Service at Kyoto is always friendly. They have booths for large parties which allows a more traditional seating area where customers take off their shoes and eat at a Japanese booth. The prices are great (as you and your companion can have a nice full meal for under $40.00) and the take out has the same quality as the dine-in experience. Kyoto Japanese Restaurant is one of my favorite places in Edmonton to fulfill my Japanese fix. 
Maki selections 
Top Pick of the Night: Tsunami Roll


4/5 Erics 

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