Sunday, November 10, 2013

Brava Bistro - Calgary, AB

I had the pleasure of meeting up with some of my closest girlfriends this weekend. Due to all our busy schedules, we had some difficulty finding a reservation and ended up with a 9:00 reservation at Brava Bistro. Our common love for food meant that each of us, secretly, couldn't make it that late without having some sort of "snack", and when we finally came clean with each other we all had to admit that we were more in the mood for appetizers than a full meal. We decided to share the lobster gnocchi, mussels, seared scallops, burrata & tomato salad, croque monsieur flatbread, lobster poutine, and a sundae for dessert. Favorites were the lobster poutine (with a shellfish butter sauce to die for) and the mussels in a white wine & cream sauce. The flatbread and the salad were a bit pricy for the portion size, and although tasty were otherwise unmemorable. Brava Bistro has a classic, intimate decor perfect for a romantic dinner or other celebratory occasion. The food is excellent, and I would be happy to return for a special occasion although the prices are a bit out of my range to become a regular occurrence.

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