Sunday, May 19, 2013

Original Joe's Restaurant & Bar- Edmonton, AB

There are so many restaurants around where I live that I have not been to. I know what you're thinking, how can a so-called food blogger not even try the restaurants around him? The truth is, when I go out for a meal I try and stay away from chain restaurants because I have never really enjoyed eating at those places. Since most of the places around me are franchises, I hardly ever eat around where I live. Maybe that is why I had never been to Original Joe's, more commonly known as OJ's. But after a hard workout at the gym, a couple of friends wanted to go out for a meal, and Original Joe's seemed a solid choice as that day (Tuesday) was 35¢ wings night.
From the outside, Original Joe's seems very unappealing. The sign looks very UN-original (see that play on words?), but I was pleasantly surprised by the inside. The restaurant had nice dark wooden tables with dark tile floors. The bar and metal stair case had a modern feel to it and the bar looked inviting.
Original Joe's Blonde Lager
After a good work out, I feel like I deserve to eat whatever I like, almost as compensation for burning off the calories. We each decided on two orders of wings (each order contains 10 wings) and a couple of beers that were on tap. Original Joe's makes it own draft with flavors such as blonde lager, red ale, haus frau Euro pilsner, light lager, and honey brown lager. Before 6PM, the OJ's beers on tap are $3. The beer was actually quite crisp and clean. I was pleasantly surprised and for $3, it was a great deal!
Greek (left) & hot (right) wings with a side of ranch
The wings came out relatively quickly. I had decided on the Greek and hot wings. I was disappointed by the Greek wings. I had imagined they would have a Mediterranean flavor, but they were simply covered in olive oil, lemon juice and oregano. They really did not have much flavor to them and left a VERY oily feeling on my finger tips. The hot wings, as my friend said, tasted like they were covered with Frank's Red Hot. Yet they were probably my favorite because I love Franks! Again though, nothing special.
Sweet chili (left) & honey garlic (right) wings with a side of ranch sauce
My friends decided on the Teriyaki, sweet chili and honey garlic wings. The rest of the wings were really nothing flavorful or delicious. I was definitely disappointed with the wings The wings were fried and tossed in whatever bottle of sauce you desire. No real skill; and below average wings.
Teriyaki (left) & Greek (right) wings 
Original Joe's reminded me of why I do not go to chain restaurants to blog. There is never anything special or interesting. This pub/restaurant has a nice decor and the atmosphere seemed pretty lively (with sports playing on the TV). The service was average but the food was definitely a letdown. I do not think I will be back to OJ's anytime soon, at least not of my choosing.

Top Pick of the Night: OJ's Blonde Lager


1.5/5 Erics

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