Thursday, April 25, 2013

Menchies Frozen Yogurt- Edmonton, AB

Fro Yo, aka Frozen Yogurt. This phenomonen has caused so many "do-it-yourself" frozen yogurt places to pop up all across the world. I am a BIG fan of frozen yogurt, not for the fact that it has less calories than ice cream (which isn't a bad thing!), but because it tastes lighter and more fresh. The original innovators of frozen yogurt have to be Yogen Fruz. I remember when I was younger and taken to the mall, it would always be such a treat when my mother said I could have Yogen Fruz. Since then I've been to Pinkberry, 16 Handles, Twisted Yogurt and many other places all over North America but one of my favorite frozen yogurt places has to be Tutti Frutti right here in Edmonton. They just have amazing and interesting flavors, from taro to cappucino to red velevet, that tantalize the taste buds. For this reason, I use this as the measuring stick for all other places. The fun thing about these places is the fact that you have so many choices! First you must choose the type(s) of frozen yogurt from a variety of flavors, then you fill your cup with as much or as little as you'd like, and finally you add whatever toppings you're in the mood for.

Since I'm from Toronto, I've been to Menchies Frozen Yogurt. Many people in Toronto seem to prefer this place over the other yogurt shops and I am unsure why (as I find many places VERY similar). But when Edmonton finally recieved its first Menchies, I decided to go with some friends who have never been. Located near the University next to Kyoto Japanese Restaurant (see blog here), Menchies is in a great spot to be noticed because of the large amount of flow through this area. Today there were ~15 flavors, including cake batter, chocolate banana, red velvet, fluffy marshmallow, blueberry cheesecake, orange creamsicle, and many more. There were also the standard toppings seen at all frozen yogurt shops, such as colored sprinkles, a variety of nuts, chocolate and gummy treats and even fresh fruits. As with many other places, the price for yogurt at Menchies is $0.55+tax/oz.
Red velvet/cake batter frozen yogurt topped with rainbow sprinkles,
strawberry bobas and cheesecake pieces
Today I decided on a red velvet and cake batter mix topped with rainbow sprinkles, popping bobas and cheesecake pieces. This combination was delectably delicious. The yogurt was creamy and the toppings added a nice extra treat (usually I prefer plain frozen yogurt). In general, Menchies had friendly service, there was vibrant decorations and displays and it's in a great location! When I am in the mood for frozen yogurt, I would say Menchies is comparable to Tutti Frutti (in a good way!).

Note: Menchies has a "smileage card" where you can collect points from every visit and get free frozen yogurt. However, I don't think I'll be going THAT often to get much :(. But it's a good idea.

4/5 Erics

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