Sunday, March 31, 2013

La Poutine- Edmonton, AB

Poutine. Canada's National Dish. Gravy covered fries topped with cheese curds. Nowadays, the definition of what people call "poutine" has changed. People are putting their crazy spin onto this national favorite. From pulled pork to sausages and vegan cheese to blue cheese, there is no shortage of topping possibilities. Not only are the toppings wild, but many poutine places serve a variety of different fries, from your original russet potatoes to the more modern sweet potatoes. There are so many combinations and no limit to the creations!
I remember the day that La Poutine opened in Edmonton's University area less than two years ago. There was a buzz in the air. People were interested and intrigued by this specialty fast-food restaurant.  La Poutine is quite a small space, maybe 200 sq. ft. with only about four small tables for dine-in eaters. It isn't a place to lounge and relax, rather a place to grab and go or scarf down a quick bite.

I am not a huge fan of poutine, but a friend of mine had a Groupon to use. This visit we decided on the Quebecois and the Supreme. For each order, there is a choice of two different types of gravy, a meatier beef gravy and a lighter vegan version. The Quebecois consisted of gravy, cheese curds, and Montreal smoked meat. While the cashier claimed it was real Montreal smoked meat, he readily admitted that it didn't come from Montreal but "somewhere in Canada." I don't have much experience with Montreal smoked meat so I can't say I noticed the difference, but Nhi (from Ottawa) knew it wasn't authentic from her first bite. For the Quebecois we chose the lighter gravy, and it definitely tasted like a healthier alternative without the taste or the thickness of the meatier gravy.
The Supreme was the star of the night, containing bacon, sour cream, and green onion. We chose the meatier beef gravy for this one, which had a great deal more flavor than the lighter version and was complemented nicely by the sour cream and bacon bits. The cheese can make or break a good poutine, and these cheese curds did not disappoint. They had the perfect squeaky texture and mild flavor that allowed the other ingredients to shine through. 
Although poutine isn't something I eat regularly, La Poutine does a pretty good version with fresh cheese curds, rich gravy (if you choose the meatier version), and well cut fries.

Top Pick of the Night: The Supreme with Meaty Gravy

3.5/5 Erics

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