Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tropika Malaysian Cuisine (Takeout)- Edmonton, AB

Work, work, work. This month has been so busy for me. Most of time I have been too lazy to cook or put on a pair of decent clothes to go to any respectable restaurant. So takeout has been my source of nutrition and sustenance. Most of the time the choice is sushi or fast-food, but I was with a few friends and we were all starving for some Asian food. We have been to Tropika Malaysian and Thai Cuisine on multiple occasions but this was the first time I had experienced their takeout. The Topika group has a couple of restaurants in Edmonton, but the one closest to us is the Tropika South location.

 My friends are avid lovers of Tropika takeout, so they chose a few of their favorites. The great thing about Tropika is that it offers customers a 10% discount on pickup orders over $30 and free delivery on purchases over $40 before tax. But there are a few stipulations: they only deliver from 5pm to 9pm, and only within a 6 km radius of the restaurant. We decided on four dishes: chicken pad thai, Tropika fried rice, red curry duck, and an eggplant dish (Terung Udang Kering)
Pad Thai with crushed peanuts on the side
The Pad Thai ($12) is a stir fried rice noodle mixed with bean sprouts, chicken, shrimps, crushed peanuts and tofu pieces in a Thai style sauce. By the time our food was delivered, it was lukewarm and consequently all the noodles had clumped together. The dish was flavorful but nowhere near the standard of Boualouang or Syphay.
Pineapple fried rice with chicken and ham
The pineapple fried rice with ham and chicken ($14.50) tasted like fried rice that you can purchase at most Chinese restaurants. No complaints, but nothing special.
Terung Udang Kering: eggplant tossed in Sambal sauce
Eggplant is one of my favorite vegetables. It can take on so many flavors and has a nice firm texture when biting into. The Terung Udang Kering ($15) consisted of eggplant tossed in a Sambal sauce with sun-dried shrimps and sesame oil. This eggplant was especially delicious, crispy and perfectly seasoned. My favorite dish of the night.
Red curry duck with pumpkin and lychee
The curry ($15.50) had pieces of roasted barbecue duck with thick pieces of pumpkin and lychee soaked in a nice red curry. The curry had a good creamy texture but too many lemon grass sticks and too little duck.

Overall, the food at Tropika was satisfying for a convenient midweek meal. The 11 page menu has a huge list of different dishes for all tastes.  But takeout at this place may not always be the cheapest meal as the price of each dish was a bit expensive for the portion size. However, if you are looking for reliable Thai/Malaysian food, I would definitely recommend Tropika.



3/5 Erics'

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