Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Big Bang Bagels - Fernie, BC

What better way to start off a day of snowboarding than freshly baked bagels? After years of Superstore-bought and Tim Horton’s specialty bagels, I had never been to an actual bakery for real, freshly-baked bagels. It wasn’t hard to find the right place to grab our morning powder power boost: Big Bang Bagels was the most popular restaurant in town and my companion and I readily agreed to take the early morning detour to the bakery named after the Big Bang ski-run we had been on earlier during our trip.

The menu was much more varied than I had expected for a bagel place: it featured a variety of breakfast bagels, sandwiches, and melts all made on a freshly baked bagel of your choice. They had a variety of unique bagels – Onion Garlic, Tomato Basil, and Pesto Spinach to name a few – displayed on a large menu board of bagels. For breakfast, my companion decided on The Big Banger – fried egg, old cheddar cheese, and ham – on fresh baked Everything Bagel while I went all out and chose the Mr. Fernie – a Big Banger with avocado, fried red onion, tomato, and bacon – on an Onion Garlic bagel. I placed our order to-go and our bagels were wrapped and ready within 15 minutes. A fresh bread and bacon aroma quickly filled the entire car as we drove up the mountain, unwrapping our bagels. The first bite into my bagel was absolute heaven! The bagel was so deliciously light, doughy, and soft and featured delightful notes of garlic and onion. The garlic was not at all over baked and added just enough crunch and zest to the bagel itself. My first bite into the heart of the bagel – consisting of avocado, tomato, fried onion, old cheddar, and egg – simply melted in my mouth: the avocado and tomato were amazingly fresh and the egg did not feel dense or heavy as it is so apt to do in other breakfast bagels. It took me a bite or two before getting to the thickly sliced bacon layered in the middle of the bagel. The bacon was cooked perfectly – not too salty, not too crispy, and not at all oily. And, unlike large corporate chains such as Tim Horton’s, Big Bang Bagels was not stingy on the bacon; I found I had a good-sized chunk of bacon in every bite up until the end. Also, unlike other breakfast bagels which tend to sit heavily in your stomach until the next meal, the Mr. Fernie was light, refreshing breakfast food and left me craving another one as soon as I had my last bite! (I should also mention my companion actually ended up stealing a few extra bites of my bagel as well!)

If I had eaten only my bagel, I would have given Big Bang Bagels a near perfect review. However, my companion and I swapped bagels halfway through just to try each other’s breakfast. Compared with my Mr. Fernie, The Big Banger Bagel was an utter disappointment. While the Everything Bagel shared the same soft, doughy center as the Onion Garlic Bagel, it was rather plain for an everything bagel (ironic for a bagel that is supposed to have “everything,” I know). The ham was nothing special and did not add any excitement to the egg in the bagel. My companion and I agreed that overall, The Big Banger was…boring.

Big Bang Bagels featured a lot more variety than I had expected, and while not cheap  (with each bagel combination ranging from $5-8 + HST), Big Bang Bagels really does know how to make incredible bagels! The next time I am in Fernie, it won’t be just for the amazing powder any more – I honestly cannot wait to try some of the other Big Bang Bagels sandwiches and melts!

Top Pick of the Day: Mr. Fernie


4.5/5 Erics

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