Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nadege Patisserie- Toronto, ON

Macarons: Red (candy cane), Yellow (salted caramel),
 Green (Pistachio), Pink (Champagne)
Having two locations in Toronto, ON, Nadege Patisserie offers customers fine French pastries combined with a modern cafe feel. Nadege sells a variety of concoctions, ranging from cakes and macarons to a variety of tasty sandwiches. Since we were near the Downtown Toronto area, my companion and I decided to make the trip to the 780 Queen Street West location. Travel time took approximately 30 minutes as we began our journey from Toronto's Eaton's Centre.

Upon entering the patisserie, the first sight was the counter where all the delectable desserts laid. Customers would wait their turn, point to the desserts of their liking, proceed to pay and then sit wherever there was room as they anticipatedly waited for their treats to be delivered to them. Nadege offers a variety of different and unique flavors of delectable treats. Some of the macarons available on my visit included: cotton candy, champagne, pistachio, salted caramel, blackberry chocolate, rose and so much more! They even offered limited holiday specialties, such as candy cane macarons and Buche de Noel cakes.

Lemon Meringue Tart
My companion and I decided to share some of these sweet treats! After much deliberation, we settled on four macarons (each $2.00) and one individual lemon meringue tart (priced at $5.75). All the macarons tasted were delicious! Most of the time macarons can be too sweet, but it was not the case for these ones. They had the right amount of sweetness to them and did not hide the flavor they were trying to express. However, by far my favorite flavor had to be the champagne type; there was a light hint of champagne flavor that came through when you bit into that soft outer shell. Simply too delectable!

The Lemon Meringue Tart was so daintily pieced together that it was a shame to break it apart with our forks. The shell was a thick, dense pie crust hard to cut with a fork. And no that's not a bad thing! It was simply delicious. The best part of the tart had to be the meringue topping, which was much more than whipped egg whites. There was an unexpected creamy texture; something I have not experienced with most meringues. The lemon filling had a clean and sweet taste, which allowed all the other components to shine through as well. You could tell real lemons were definitely used.

The atmosphere had a modern feel to it with a clear glass window showcasing their rather impressive kitchen with many chefs hard at work baking and preparing sweets no doubt being sent to many parts of the city.

Given their location and the desserts they offer, I would have to think twice about coming back to Nadege Patisserie. My experience was a good one; however, nothing amazing stood out for me to walk 30 minutes to this bakery.


3/5 Erics
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