Monday, December 24, 2012

Kaji Sushi Part 2- A Meal in Pictures

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Mr. Mitushiro Kaji slicing a piece of fish

Sardine fish ball and grilled chicken with Japanese Pepper

Vinegared crab wrapped with an egg crepe

Daikon radish cake

Deep fried tofu in dashi broth

Simmered bamboo shoots dressed with bonito flakes 

Another Sushi Shokunin working his magic

Sashimi (right to left): Ocean trout, Seabream, Lobster, Spanish Mackerel,
Fluke & Octopus, side of seasame sauce 

Koura-mushi: Steamed crab and lily bulb cake stuffed with sea urchin

Taro potato cake stuffed with chicken 

Yellowtail teriyaki served with a chestnut jelly
Leaf wrapped steamed eel rice
Opened leaf wrapped steamed eel rice

Motoyaki: grilled whiting fish with egg yolk sauce and side of cold fish cake

deep fried flounder with ponzu sauce 

Seared Scallop

Sushi (right to left): Ocean Trout, Shrimp, Kampachi,
Mild Fatty Tuna, & Blue Fin Tuna

Sushi (right to left): Toro (tuna), lobster, sea urchin 

Fresh soba noodles in fish broth

Fruit Konjac jelly with a yuzu macaroon 

Green tea creme brulee with side of fresh fruit 

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